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Below are some of the stories featured in our inaugural issue in 2008.

Hanging Wallpaper Like a Pro

  Plan your papering The first step to hanging wallpaper is an important one that is too frequently glossed over. Unfortunately for first-timers everywhere, exactness

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Newfoundland’s Heritage Homes

  Newfoundland and Labrador is the only province where the primary building material is wood—a tradition that dates back almost four centuries. In the 1600s,

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Designation Reservations

Is heritage designation worth the trouble? By Johanne Yakula Nothing is more gratifying to old home lovers than a drive through a neighbourhood filled with

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Insurance Assurance

A guide to insuring your heritage home By Marlene Campbell  So, your historic building just received heritage designation and you are now one proud homeowner

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Paint from the Past

The Vancouver Heritage Foundation sets an example for finding historic homes’ true colours. By Diane Switzer & Donald Luxton One of the most baffling questions

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