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Heritage Home is a magazine for people who live in Canadian heritage homes. In fact, it’s the only magazine that caters to their unique set of interests in one place. Just like their owners, homes have histories, philosophies and personalities. A Home has a soul. And until now there hasn’t been a publication that addresses that—home magazines stop at the façade. Heritage Home goes deeper.

We deliver the nuts and bolts our readers need to restore, decorate and maintain their historic homes while staying true to their roots. And, unlike other home magazines, we can tell them something new about the houses they live in.

Heritage Home publishes thoughtful features about restoring and living in historic homes. Our editorial content is best described as a cross between standard shelter magazines such as Canadian House and Home or Style at Home, and literary magazines such as The Beaver or The Walrus. Our articles cover the basics—how-tos, advice, news and politics—but don’t lose sight of history and context, the reason our readers live in these very expensive, creaky old houses in the first place. A home is more than bricks and mortar. Our readers understand that and, until now, they haven’t had a magazine that understands it too.

"A Home has a soul. And until now there hasn’t been a publication that addresses that—home magazines stop at the façade. Heritage Home goes deeper."

Where it all began

Below is the very first copy of Heritage Home published back in 2010. We are very excited to explore some new, fresh ideas in our upcoming issues while still remaining true to our roots.


We’re not a stuffy magazine; the homes may be old but the windows are open and the gardens are fragrant. Our writing is light, easy to understand and has a sense of humour. We write Heritage Home for readers who are serious about their houses, enthusiastic about restoring and sensitive to period style and character.

In our front and back sections we feature instructive, easy to understand pieces about how to deal with the quirks of living in heritage homes. Our features maintain sight of the front of book’s instructive values, but do so through the lens of the people who pass through, the history that takes place in and around heritage homes.

Our features are what set us apart from anything you’ll find on the shelter magazine rack. They’re more akin to something you’d find in Harper’s than Canadian Country Living. They’re full-on literary narratives that will teach readers something they can use seconds after they set the magazine down and get back to living.

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