Newfoundland’s Heritage Homes

  Newfoundland and Labrador is the only province where the primary building material is wood—a tradition that dates back almost four centuries. In the 1600s, a wave of—mostly Scottish—settlers moved onto the island of Newfoundland, and set to work building new towns out of the most abundant material available to them—wood. This is not to […]

Gertrude Lawson House

Gertrude Lawson House stands out. Located at 17th Street and Esquimalt in West Vancouver, British Columbia, it bears more resemblance to a Scottish castle than it does to the houses that surround it. This is no coincidence. Gertrude Lawson built the house in the Scottish manorial style, a style she had observed and fallen in […]

Annapolis Royal Train Station

The Annapolis Royal train station: Gateway to the wilds of the Maritimes By Matt LaForge For ten years the Annapolis Royal train station sat vacant in the centre of town, boarded up, severely flooded, mold infested and utterly neglected. Annapolis Royal is a tiny 400-year-old coastal town in southwestern Nova Scotia that claims the highest […]